Wednesday Links

  • I’m interested to know if there are many who would disagree with this article on why branding international aid is a net negative – privately, at least. Publicly,  the head of USAID, Rajiv Shah, highlights the need for “transparency;” the UK argues that “Britain will not shy away from celebrating and taking credit…” Shah’s argument seems beside the point; the UK’s, self-serving. Neither supports the case that branding aid is good for those it seeks to help
  • Play with Ezra Klein’s and Dylan Matthews’s Wonk Calculator – it’s enlightening and fun. The takeaway, though, isn’t the dollars cut, or even the politics of those cuts; it’s the effect on Americans of cutting certain expenditures or raising taxes.
  • Drug-resistant malaria is becoming a more significant issue in Asia
  • Excellent article on zoonotic viruses (non-human → human – think swine flu) pulled from a new book, Spillover
  • This is a beautiful, haunting essay in a way that most Halloween stories aren’t



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