Sunday Links

  • One of my favorite reads of 2012: Jad Abumrad (of Radiolab fame, naturally) on how Radiolab started, but really more on how to to stay creative. He discusses the feeling of “gut churn” and how it means you’re on the right track; always endeavoring to touch the “adjacent possible” (pushing the boundary of what you can do); and Kierkegaard’s concept of the “dizziness of freedom.” I highly, highly recommend you read it
  • “I kind of know what I did wrong – I was always too good to her… you can over-love people…” – take ten minutes and watch this fantastic piece of multimedia storytelling by Bianca Giaever (via Jad Abumrad)
  • Counterfeiters are preying on those who need anti-malarial medication. The Economist ran a great piece about this a few months back, and highlighted one potential solution currently being used in Nigeria – the receiver scratches off a label and texts the code to a system that verifies the drug as real. Hopefully this is something that will scale
  • An engaging history of Christmas Carols – the author contends that they’re about misplaced nostalgia for a time that never was. Admittedly not the jolliest of Christmas reads, but interesting anyway

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