Welcome to My New Site!

Right now, it’s not much different from what I had up at my old wordpress blog; I’ve only had time to make some minor CSS tweaks. But, it’s a much more flexible platform that I’ll be able to use to make reading the blog a worthwhile experience for friends, family, former co-workers, and anyone else who stumbles across it – posts with pictures, videos, discussions, and the like. The main impetus for the switch is my acceptance of a position that’ll have me working in health system development in Mbale, Uganda (more on why I chose that here) – but really, it was high time anyway, and I’m excited to play around with it.

Content-wise, I don’t expect any major changes until I get to Mbale – pretty much the same hodge-podge of American health policy, international development, and things I found interesting online, along with more personal writing. But, owing to the two weeks of funemployment I have before beginning training with Kissito, I may post more often, and I plan to flesh out the tabs above – especially the section on Uganda.

As usual, more to come. In the meantime, Happy Holidays!

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