Sunday Links

  • Concise and cogent post on sexism in science, academia, and beyond. If you haven’t taken the Implicit Association Test she writes about, you really should – it’s very revealing and helps drive the conversation away from “But I’m not a racist/sexist/etc.!” to something much more constructive
  • Lots of smart points in David Dranove’s argument for why innovation in the health sector is slower and more marginal than in others. Some of the items he refers to – low-cost providers, for example – are happening, though, and with increasing frequency (think MinuteClinics or Massachusetts’s new low-cost insurance plan)
  • South Sudan and Sudan failed to make a deal on oil and border security. This will be overshadowed by the kidnappings in Algeria and France’s involvement with Mali, but is arguably much more important
  • I hadn’t read any David Foster Wallace under I stumbled upon Consider the Lobster, but will now – Infinite Jest should be a good companion in Mbale

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