Tuesday Links

  • A Russian family lives in isolation for 40 years – and doesn’t know that World War II occurred. Fantastic journalism
  • They operate like the Mafia” – they being Orthodox Jews in Williamsburg
  • I’m a sucker for oral histories, and I really liked Good Will Hunting. So I liked this
  • In an otherwise convincing article that refutes the “Africa Rising” theme, I think the author confuses the GDP relationship a bit. If oil, coffee, cocoa, and other commodity prices skyrocket, it makes sense that their proportion of a resource-rich country’s GDP will rise, too; the author saying “On average across Africa, the share of manufacturing in national GDP has fallen to about 10%” is relatively meaningless
  • Nicholas Kristof makes a good point in his recent op-ed about living in glass houses and throwing stones
  • This man loves wolves

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