Monday Links

  •  The Pope is resigning, the first such resignation in almost 600 years. Most of me is hoping he is simply making a sound decision (i.e., he’s old, he should quit), but a small part is hoping/expecting some type of scandal (call it schadenfreude, which I guess is appropriate, given his background…)
  • Not exactly hot-off-the-press, but capitation is back in American health care in a real way. If you don’t know much about it and want a good primer, this is a pretty good article to start
  • This is an entertaining, enlightening, and sad take on some of the Israeli West Bank settlers, whom, it’s worth remembering, are violating international law by living there
  • Another shot in the Africa Rising debate. I don’t know the author, so take at a grain of salt, but interesting perspective and smart questions posed. Now that I’ve been in Uganda for a bit, I understand the line “If you see a man driving in a straight line you know he must be drunk”
  • More polio vaccinators were killed, this time in Nigeria. Very sad

And finally: An insert to You Shall Know Our Velocity! that completely changes the novel – well worth reading for anyone who has read the original book

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