Hide-and-Seek Cigarettes: Bloomberg’s Latest Anti-Smoking Measure

You have to give the man points for persistence.

On Monday, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a proposal that would keep cigarettes and other tobacco products out of sight and, ideally, out of mind. It comes on the heels of a New York State Supreme Court judge’s admonishment and denunciation of Bloomberg’s well-publicized and passion-inducing soda ban.

The new plan would force bodegas, delis, and other sellers of cigarettes to hide them from view—though stores would still be allowed to advertise the sale of cigarettes and their prices. The justification for the proposal is to two-fold: first, as Bloomberg put it, to “…help reduce impulse purchases, and if it does, it will literally save lives;” second, to prevent children and young adults from becoming addicted to nicotine in the first place.

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