Thursday Links

  • The answer to this article’s title (from the excellent Annie Lowrey) is, I think, “Yes” – mainly because, as Lowrey says, “The Millennials are the best-educated generation ever.” But we’re also an extremely unequal generation, so it may only be “Yes” for those that have the education
  • The question David Kestenbaum (of Planet Money fame) skirts in this short piece is if the drug is “worth it” – whether the price is $5,500 or $11,000, given that it extends life for, on average, only 1.4 months
  • I like the ethos of the D-Prize – have an idea to solve an intractable “easy” problem? Here’s some money! – but am hopeful that the application process is more robust than this article suggests; the author (founder of OneAcre Fund) is right that these problems are cheap and “simple” to fix, but… the fact that they aren’t fixed when they are cheap and “simple” would lead me to believe that there’s more going on
  • After hearing Radiolab’s latest short on Henry Heimlich – a much more complicated figure than you’d suspect – I found a great paper explaining “pyrotherapy,” or the treatment of certain diseases (like syphilis) by inducing high fevers (with, say, malaria). Turns out the guy who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for this – Julius Wagner-Juaregg, in 1927 – was big into Naziism. Oops.

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