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Totally gratuitous shot from this weekend's Murchison Falls safari

Totally gratuitous shot from this weekend’s Murchison Falls National Park safari; more here

  • Your “duh” moment of the day: Readmissions penalties are not looked upon fondly by hospitals. That’s a little facetious – hospital administrators have legitimate concerns that need to be addressed – but it’s not all that surprising to hear their collective opinion. We can all agree that hospital readmissions are, generally speaking, bad things, and that we want to reduce them. This particular how – Medicare penalizing the hospital for failing to improve – is one method that is causing hospitals to re-engineer their acute and post-acute stay processes, which is a good thing
  • “As a single class of people, local religious leaders sit at the very top of our list of who should receive credit for the behavior changes that have curbed the spread of HIV in Africa.” Only speaking from the perspective of a foreigner in Uganda, I think there’s something to this. If 90% of a country’s population is church-going, any health/development worker has to acknowledge that churches are an effective vector to spread information. I think there’s a bit more to the story, but fascinating research
  • Motivated skepticism at work – researchers find a result that doesn’t conform to their prior beliefs, so are reluctant to accept it. As always, one of the most useful ways to fight this is to recognize that it’s a cognitive bias that isn’t going away, and to force oneself to grapple with inconsistent, dissonant, information
  • Still have to get to this, but based on what I’ve already heard from the podcast, it’s an engaging look at disability in America from Chana Joffe-Walt. Beautifully-designed, too

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