Saturday Links

  • Profile of Rwanda’s former King Kigeli V, now an elderly man living in Virginia on public assistance; he’s described this way: “He’s just like a noble lion that does not bite.”
  • Glad to see that U.S. food aid policy may be reformed by the Obama administration. May have more to say about this…
  • “Science can tell you how genetic anomalies and birth defects happen, but not why they happened to you rather than your neighbour. Medical facts can rarely offer the level of comfort that stories can. At least in our personal narratives, we have control. Here is the value of folklore: it gives shape to the unknowable. This can be uplifting or dangerous, but ultimately it explains human difference in a way that science never will. “From a beautiful article on belief, science, and albinism
  • Asthmapolis receives $5 million in Series A funding. In college, I conducted a feasibility study for the CEO, and it’s cool to see my ideas/recommendations playing out in real life, a few years later
  • Even a doctor can’t keep his father safe in the hospital – great article by Ashish Jha. The need for transparency, accountability, and financial consequences for unsafe performance and poor outcomes is clear

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