Tuesday Links

  • Drones for Africa! President Paul Kagame, of Rwanda, says that he wasn’t helping Bosco Ntaganda (a rebel leader of the group M23, which currently in the Democratic Republic of the Congo) before Ntaganda turned himself in to the ICC, and says the proof is in the asking-the-US-to-use-a-drone-to-kill-Ntaganda pudding. Interesting story, but far more interesting subtext, and can’t wait to hear the US’s response.
  • After just writing a bit about memory reconsolidation, I found Ed Yong’s write-up of a new study that shows how easy it is to change even declarative memories (facts and continuously-recalled information). Test subjects who had just recalled a portion of a television show, then lied to about the contents of that portion, were more likely to incorrectly answer questions later than their peers, who played Tetris before being lied to. This research should have very serious, very significant implications for eyewitness testimony and its admissibility in court
  • Just watched Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, which were probably my favorite “romance” movies I’ve seen. This profile of the female lead, Julie Delpy, is pretty great, and I’m excited to see Before Midnight at some point
  • Cancer centers are getting cozier with hospital systems. This only piqued my interest because I wrote about it for my old employer – or, at least, wrote the first few drafts before it was chopped up and improved by the solution leader
  • The insider’s post-mortem of Facebook’s IPO. The woman at the center of the article – an elderly person who “literally lost her life savings in Facebook’s IPO” shouldn’t have been investing her life savings in one tech stock, but probably should have been made right by Vanguard. Or Morgan Stanley

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