Thursday Links

  • “Millennials don’t need ‘doctors.’ Millennials need organ transplants that fit easily into their always-connected lifestyles” – We’re the Uber of Organ Transplants
  • A smart, conservative list of proposals to improve the employment situation in America – furlough pay (e.g., employee works Monday-Thursday and gets 80% of their “typical” pay, 20% of unemployment benefit), relocation subsidies (“Here’s $2,000 if you move to North Dakota), reforms to immigration, and more. Temporarily lowering the minimum wage for certain groups – high-school kids, say – is an intriguing idea
  • Automated hovering comes to physicians and nurses: automatic reminders – and penalties – for not washing their hands. A good reminder that even the most knowledgeable, in-the-trenches groups often can’t get themselves to do what they know, without doubt, they should do
  • Consumers are terrible at estimating calories at fast-food restaurants – to the tune of 30-40% lower than what they’re actually eating. Other than the time/cost of understanding how many calories are in a given item, I haven’t heard an argument for why consumers don’t have the right to know – easily – what’s in what they’re eating.
  • Nice profile of Brittney Griner, an openly-gay women’s basketball player. Baylor sounds like a pretty toxic place: when Griner was in college, the article states that it didn’t even have a LGBT Center

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