Sunday Links

  • Look who was cited in The Week recently (if you don’t look… me. I was.). Not sure if it was printed or just online, but either way, a great magazine you should subscribe to – sitting down and reading it was one of my favorite parts about Saturdays last summer
  • Past winning words of the spelling bee: fracas (1930), knack (1932), intelligible (1935), promiscuous (1937), therapy (1940)… guetapens (2012)
  • There’s some good advice in this take-down of quacks, snake-oil salesmen, over-excited journalists/universities, and unscrupulous pharmaceutical companies. I think they’re correct that blogs can be one of many good resources to understand is claims are inflated/made up, as long as they’re just one piece of a reader’s information diet, not the whole
  • A longform article on the collision of race, place, and hip-hop in America
  • Is the most humanely slaughtered beef in America “good enough?” Unless you believe that raising animals specifically for slaughter is distinctly wrong, I bet your answer is “Yes.” (An aside: this is the second article in as many weeks I’ve read from Modern Farmer – maybe they’re shooting for an audience that includes, well, fewer modern farmers?)

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