Thursday Links

  • Two long, detailed looks at Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs – clunky, I know), one at the New America Foundation (a fantastic think tank) by Kevin Carey, the other at the New Yorker by Nathan Heller. I tend to side with Carey – MOOCs are wonderful learning conduits, but only if the user wants to put in the effort; they become more like TEDTalks otherwise – still useful but less valuable
  • Tom Paulson at Humanosphere hits the nail on the head with respect to American food aid policy. Short version: it’s absurd and wasteful. Will post my own write-up in the coming days
  • Maybe the best, most lucid analysis of “ending poverty” I’ve read; naturally, it comes from The Economist
  • File this under “extremely important but slightly vicious looking” – but only once you know what it’s used for. MedTech innovation at its finest (really – it’s simple, non-invasive, and appropriate for pretty much all settings), though I worry that uptake may be slow
  • Innovations in American criminal justice: “swift, certain, and proportionate” sentences

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