Wednesday Links

  • An interesting take on U.S. drone policy, likening it to the Eisenhower administration’s preference for poison and exploding cigars
  • Should Africa Beware Tech Companies Bearing Gifts?” There are all kinds of “last mile” problems with ICT – a great example being One Laptop Per Child bringing 1,200 laptops to a school in Rwanda that had one electrical outlet. But it doesn’t seem to me that the donors are maliciously donating tablets and laptops; more that they need to care about the actual use of the devices, which they acknowledge
  • For $2.50 per year, researchers believe they can purify water using silver nanoparticles, eliminating the pathogens that cause diarrhea
  • Finland provides all new mothers with a box of goodies (including a mattress that the infant can sleep on… in the box) provided the mother attends antenatal care visits. Great way to incent mothers, and potentially scalable to developing countries (“Maama Kits” for the actual birthing process are a similar idea).  But the article was insinuating that the box was partially responsible for reduction of infant mortality, when it seems that it’s really more of a correlate than a cause – the types of institutions it’s indicative of are exactly the ones that can help improve and sustain health. Also, antibiotics.

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