Friday Links

  • Harvard’s giving 19 MBA grads $50,000 to go into the non-profit/public sector space. On the one hand, that’s kind-of, sort-of what I advocated in my article on working for a NGO (if you cross your eyes); on the other, that’s a lot of money – added on top of their $45,000 (average) salary
  • Uwe Reinhardt with a typically-excellent analysis of American health care. Employer-sponsored health insurance is more than a little complicit in the incredibly high prices we pay
  • Carl Zimmer is on fire at his new New York Times column, Matter. This week – bird genitalia! As usual with articles about bird genitalia, the duck is mentioned but duck rape is sadly left out of the explanation
  • Is the future of practical, doable governance in the cities? David Brooks makes the case that it is. I think he’s right on the small-bore issues, but even the ones he cites – education and infrastructure spending – are the types of issues that need to be dealt with on a large scale; the Interstate Highway System couldn’t have been created on a city-by-city basis, nor could establishing education standards

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