Monday Links

  • “And then it was upon them, the worst hour of the day, from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m., when Daniel had been alone with them in the house waiting for his bus.” From a profile of two parents of one of the shot at Sandy Hook in Newtown, Massachusetts, in December. This may be the most heartbreaking article I’ve read in 2013.
  • “But empathy will have to yield to reason if humanity is to have a future.” Paul Bloom, in a well-argued essay about empathy
  • Samantha Power, recently appointed by President Obama to America’s United Nations Ambassador, is a former journalist; reading her 2004 New Yorker article on the Darfur genocide brought me back to high school debate and what little I really knew about the topic
  • A week ago, this would have felt like histrionic nonsense to me. It doesn’t anymore
  • A fun slideshow of the creations of many modern-day innovations we take for granted – 48 answers to “I wonder where that came from”

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