Friday Links

  • The comments section is getting fun for my article about why young, healthy people (read: me) should be OK with their premiums (potentially) increasing with the Affordable Care Act
  • High-risk, high-reward philanthropy – an interesting profile of the Laura and John Arnold Foundation. It sounds like it’s trying to take the venture capital mindset to public policy and intractable issues like poverty and obesity
  • On privilege – a paragraph I think rings very true for a lot of us: “A friend recently tried to console me by saying that I’ve failed at more things than most people have ever tried. Most people, I said, try more honestly. Most people do not owe so much to those who believe in them. That is another privilege we don’t discuss: The unrelenting luxury of high expectations, and with it, the chances to fail.”
  • Sterilization quotas in India – pretty horrifying. Not the right way to do family planning (as Amartya Sen delves into in his book Development as Freedom, which I’ll review soon enough)

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