Friday Links

  • An estimated one-third of antimalarial drugs in Uganda are counterfeits – very, very bad news for treatment. An interesting look at the counterfeit drug market in China
  • Health care spending is slowing in the United States – even faster than originally estimated. A good recap article, though I think the author is a bit quick to credit Obamacare; more likely, the slowdown is due to a combination of the slow recovery, Obamacare, and increases in out-of-pocket spending
  • Conceptually, I get (but disagree with) the argument against expanding Medicaid – the incredible deal states get from the federal government becomes slightly less incredibly after a few years, which tightens the state budget. But… still – it’s a morally fraught and economically dubious short-term decision. Disappointing to see that Michigan is heading down that path
  • Ghananians hipstering up the local brew
  • Using outsiderness as a weapon against injustice and domestic violence

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