Wednesday Links

  • Interesting profile of a Louisville clinic and how it’s preparing for the health exchanges and the influx of new Medicaid patients from the Affordable Care Act
  • An alternative title for this great look at mobile money could be “Microfinance’s Greatest Contribution to Development: Mobile Money.” The uptake of services like Kenya’s M-PESA (which began as a way to send microfinance payments) isn’t near as high in Uganda as in Somaliland, but seems to be heading in that direction. It’s entirely possible – likely, even – that East Africa will be the first area to (almost) go all-electronic money
  • Reference pricing seems to work in California, for certain treatments. It’s best to describe what reference pricing is through an example: say I need a hip replacement, a procedure which has shown both a) wide variability in price in a given geographic area but b) little variation in quality; this is the sweet spot for reference pricing. My insurer would find a reimbursement level that would, in general, allow me to have the procedure without needing to go too far away from my home, then provide that amount as their portion of the coverage. If I choose to have the procedure at a hospital/ambulatory surgical center that is more expensive than the insurer’s contribution, I’d pay the balance out of pocket

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