Monday Links

  • This article on eastern DRC is absolutely required reading for understanding the situation there; it’s length – 10,000 words or so – is in indication of just how complex the situation is
  • Can – and should – we eradicate malaria? The Lancet’s new Global Health Journal takes up the argument, and makes the case that we can and we should. I don’t know about the former – it seems to me that diseases with animal reservoirs and zoonotic transmission (i.e., monkey malaria that can subsequently infect humans) make it a very difficult task
  • Relatedly – if we can eradicate some species of mosquitoes, should we? The author of this Nature article says yes, and I tend to agree with her. It seems that there will certainly be some ecological consequences of doing so, but that it’s worth the potential cost – especially in areas where mosquitoes are, more or less, aliens
  • Longform New Yorker article on Lyme Disease is worth a read. The author seems to side with the patient community which believes that current treatment is ineffective, though that community seems to be just this side of crazy (some members told the author that Lyme Disease was created by the government, for example)
  • I would work at Goldman Sachs just to play in this New York City-wide “midnight madness” puzzle contest

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