Here’s What Surprised Me About This Website’s First Six Months

This website has been up for about six months, a half-birthday milestone that means little but is a good chance to summarize the experience of creating it.

Combing through the data from January-June, here’s what surprised me:

  • The number of countries that have visited. 85 – crazy, right? I expected readers from the US, UK, and Uganda – not Pakistan, the Philippines, and Poland


  • How rarely I post to this website alone. Other than the link round-ups and the occasional personal post, most of words I write are for Project Millennial, The Health Care Blog, PolicyMic, WhyDev, and elsewhere
  • A lot of traffic comes from direct clicks – from everywhere. Google brings in more traffic than Twitter and Facebook combined – but most visits are direct. Doubly-surprising because many of the direct hits are from far-flung places that I wouldn’t expect friends and family to be; I’m not totally sure what Google counts as direct vs. non-direct
  • Photography on-site good; off-site bad. The on-site pictures get a lot of clicks; not so much for my Picture-a-Day project

What will the second half of 2013 bring for this website? I’m notoriously bad at crystal-balling the future, but here’s my best guess:

  • More Interviews and profiles. Profiling Figure1 and SwipeSense for THCB was good experience, and readers seem to enjoy the interviews. Multiple others set up for the next month, and I expect more the balance of the year
  • Similar topics. Health policy, development, and technology/innovation are the stories I gravitate to, and there’s no shortage of them to cover
  • Better photography. I’m getting ever-so-slightly better, and expect to have lots of opportunities to improve coming up

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