Thursday Links

  • If this article, on freelancing in Syria, doesn’t remind you of my friend, Anna Day, you don’t know Anna and should find what she writes from her Twitter
  • Tennessee solves the Last Mile Problem of food aid to poor children by bringing it directly to them, via bus. Very well-written article by a guy who will probably win a Pulitzer this year, Eli Saslow (for this heart-breaking look at a Newtown, CT family rocked by the death of their son at Sandy Hook)
  • This makes the City of Denver and fitness instructors look bad all at once. It’s obviously dumb public policy to constrain exercise  with prohibitively expensive fees – especially in Denver. But… charging $55/month for outdoor classes?!
  • The Affordable Care Act, done with its labor pains, is now going through birthing pangs. Will be interesting to see how the honor system works for potentially lucrative subsidies on the health insurance exchanges

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