Saturday Links

  • A loving tribute to a father-in-law more father than in-law: “A man doesn’t go and announce, I am going to be an example for you, I will show you how to live. He just carries himself through the world. And the most important lessons aren’t declared or obvious, but more likely come along in the commonplace”
  • Smart look at an issue facing social enterprises: to be or not to be (for-profit/not-for-profit). Finding a way to balance revenue streams, donor needs, and maximizing “good” (however you choose to define it) is tricky
  • The House Farm Bill is atrocious. It kept in unnecessary, distortive subsidies for American farmers (including the food aid issues I’ve discussed in the past), and removed provisions for food stamps (or Supplementary Nutrition Assisstance Program – SNAP)
  • Brett Keller with an interesting population density map of Africa. Ethiopia is surprisingly dense, Uganda less surprisingly so
  • For those interested in behavioral economics and health policy, this overview in HealthAffairs  is a good primer

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