Monday Links

  • This is an excellent but too long look at how Medicare pays for procedures. You should still read it. The short version: the AMA owns a committee that is made of up specialists of all stripes, and it’s mandate is to propose price levels for services; the fox isn’t in the hen house, the fox owns the hen house, and it wants to  be paid as much as possible
  • This may be the last stand of M23 as a force in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. That means something, but less than you’d think – another group will likely take its place
  • Is showrooming the right business model for brick and mortar bookstores? I’m skeptical, both from a consumer purchasing standpoint (will serendipitous physical discovery lead to immediate online purchases?) and from a logistics standpoint (having one copy of a lot of titles is still difficult, though easier than the current model)
  • An article about patent trolls that is a bit too character-driven, but I guess when you have a character that talks about going thug, it makes sense to go all out
  • Nice profile of Venture for America

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