Friday Links

  • There’s an outbreak of tuberculosis in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, including at least one patient with Multi-Drug Resistant TB (MDR-TB). A great article to better understand public health measures associated with diseases like TB
  • While it seems plausible that the result of making maternity services free in Kenya will reduce its high Maternal Mortality Ratio, this article is probably a bit prematurely celebratory. Encouraging to see deliveries in hospitals up by 10% on average, though I wonder how much of that is the public hospitals cannibalizing private hospitals’ births
  • The funniest semi-informative primer on mosquitoes you will read this week. Doesn’t discuss GMO mosquitoes, though, which I’ve written about previously
  • Stunning infrared B+W photographs of lions in the Serengeti
  • A fun, but deeply sad, profile of Vice President Joe Biden. Not necessarily for the man himself – though he has been through his share of hardships, from a persistent stutter to the death of his first wife and child in a horrific car accident right after he was elected to the Senate –  but for this astute quote he embodies: “There’s a sense that there’s an inconsistency in being able to relate to people personally and being…innovative,” he says. “Being very…substantively informed. Put it that way.” You can be brilliant, or a human being, but not both

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