Saturday Links

  • The question framinig this talk by former APM Marketplace host Tess Vigeland – “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” is not something anyone ever asked me explicitly, but is certainly something many have thought at one time or another about me. It’s a great talk for, well, everyone to read
  • Dementia incidence dropped 25% in England in the past twenty years – an encouraging sign. It seems to be related to education and healthy – a not-so-encouraging sign for the increasingly unhealthy America
  • “Ned is lucky, because he’s one of the select few who can get the vaccine that gives him immunity against Lyme disease. Ned is lucky because he’s a dog.” An informative article on Lyme Disease and the anti-vaccination crowd
  • Ever seem like all movies feel the same? It’s because they’re all following the same 15-point plan, as Peter Suderman outlines. He’s right – there is value in it for those learning to tell great stories

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