Tuesday Links

  • This is an encouraging sign and should be repeated in a number of different contexts to see what works best. True public health often has little to do with the health care system
  • All of the recent coverage on the AMA’s control of Medicare pricing, including this article in the Washington Post, may help change the system – hopefully
  • Atul Gawande’s latest at the New Yorker is, predictably, excellent. He writes about behavior change and norm shifting, focusing on anesthesia and infant warming (which are topics I’ve been writing about, actually)
  • Jon Chait with an excellent, quick read on Detroit’s harmful mix of race, politics, and poverty
  • Trivia: what percent of radiologists missed a gorilla on a CT scan?
  • Beautiful writing: “I learned smells from books, which made me think they were fictional. When real people said That stinks, or I can smell the sea from here, I thought they were faking, that they were willing to pretend those smells existed beyond the page.”

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