Sunday Links

  • I really, really hope this patch that “makes humans invisible to mosquitoes” works as well at the founder says it does. But I’m very, very skeptical that it does. He touts backing from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and one of their major initiatives is to reduce malaria; if this patch worked, they’d continue pouring money into it and wouldn’t need a crowdfunding campaign
  • Toyota Kaizen experts donate time and expertise to a New York Food Bank. This is one of the absolute best ways to give back: do what you’re uniquely good at. Organizations like CatchAFire  are doing a great job pairing expertise with need (incidentally, I talked about this exact idea one day with a co-worker while I was in consulting – glad to see it working)
  • Part of Peter Buffett’s argument in this op-ed seems to be: stop donating, and let things get bad enough for revolution. I’ve tested out this argument before, but I don’t buy it; too many people would needlessly suffer or die in the short term, and it’s unclear if the type of revolution he’s looking for would ever be able to occur
  • Totally agree with the conclusion of this article in (of all places) Christianity Today: often, money spent on short-term international trips is misspent, and people should just stay at home and donate it. But the premises the author uses to get there – including “there are kids in Knoxville, Tennessee that can’t swim” – are remarkably off base

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