Sunday Links

  • Automated hovering at Partners. Expect to see something like this at any forward-thinking hospital system in a year. Right now, the economics of it are all backwards, but the move towards accountable care aligns all of the incentives
  • get principled opposition, and I get tactical opposition in order to tank something you don’t like. What I just don’t get is pouting after the game is over and you’ve lost. Lives will be harmed by Missouri’s inane regulations that bar its government from helping out in any way with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and it won’t gain anything but derision
  • Hacking the Internet of Things, bidet edition. Weird little things like this are going to crop up more and more
  • I’m not ready to call it yet for small, personal 3D printers – but this move by UPS is a big deal. It takes the technology – previously more of a nice hope, at least on such a small scale – and legitimizes it. Will be interesting to see how they work day-to-day, and what they’re used for

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