Tuesday Links

  • Enough has already been said about this article on a man’s quest to get a hip replacement, leading him all the way to Belgium to do the surgery (known as “medical tourism”). All I’ll add is that I mentioned it while having dinner with a Belgian family and it was clear how proud they were of their health system, and how it was so effective that it’s not really ever thought about – it’s the equivalent of America’s water or sewage systems. Just there, just working behind the scenes
  • Interesting look at Weight Watchers and its difficulties, thanks in no small part to the ability of people to connect online for free. I think the dietitian it quotes is far too bearish on the internet’s potential impact. Combining automated hovering with networking – something that CafeWell is up to in Denver – has all of the pieces to successfully attack health issues in a real way
  • This is just an all-around bad idea. If you don’t want to be a government that looks like it’s repressing its citizens’ abilities to speak freely, don’t curtail their ability to do so. Uganda has it wrong
  • xkcd is absurdly good at encapsulating big ideas in small cartoons:

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