Tuesday Links

  • This is an interesting article about the onerous path that non-American physicians have to go through to practice medicine in America. It barely mentions the American Medical Association, though, which is a bit odd
  • “We went out and asked people what their problems were in treating diarrhea. I don’t think anyone had ever done that before; the kits are designed not for poor people, but with them” – designing Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS) therapies with the end users. Maybe the most interesting thing about the organization, ColaLife, is that it started thinking it would piggyback on the supply chain of Coca Cola, but “in the end, hardly any of our kits have been put into crates”
  • Bicycle ambulances cobbled together with scrap metal in west Uganda which can be made for $600 each.  Though I think BodAmbulances are still a better option for most situations (west Uganda is hilly, and these bikes would be very difficult to ride up those hills), it’s a fantastic idea from Chris Ategeka, a Ugandan studying in California.
  • Interesting look at paying people to lose weight. Turns out, it works

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