Wednesday Links

  • Your dog and a foreign tourist are in the path of a truck which will hit them both. You can save one, but only one. Which do you save? Astounding, though, I suspect in real life the answer would be quite different, if only out of pure, unadulterated guilt
  • The Kenyan Red Cross uses Twitter and Facebook as a quasi-911, with excellent results
  • Muchnik and his colleagues conclude that “whereas positive social influence accumulates, creating a tendency toward ratings bubbles, negative social influence is neutralized by crowd correction.” – Interesting research (abstract here, but gated)on how positive and negative social influence accumulate, summarized by Cass Sunstein
  • Telemedicine in Minnesota. Seems as if ACOs are accelerating the adoption of telemedicine and automated hovering in medical practice (on which more here, here, and here)

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