Sunday Links

  • Interesting, though not particularly informative, article on Google X, Google’s “Moonshot” group
  • Indian economists (living in America) at loggerheads over the direction India should take. Seems strange to conclude that Amartya Sen is “at the extremes of the spectrum,” as one Indian professor asserts
  • Compelling defense of gerrymandering, on one level. But a result that Bernstein simply tosses aside is “lopsided districts that give incumbents from both parties easy re-elections,” which seems a worse outcome than silly-looking district shapes
  • An American escapes from rebel captors in Syria after seven months of captivity. Glad he’s out, but there’s a much larger question about whether an inexperienced photographer should have been there in the first place, on which more later
  • Lobster isn’t a commodity, it’s a luxury good, so restaurants are wary of dropping the output price (what customers pay) even as the input price (wholesale lobster) plummets

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