Monday Links

  • ESPN backs off a Frontline collaboration investigating the National Football League and its policies and research on concussions and head trauma. I kind of feel like moralizing (real courageous, ESPN!) but it’s a business, and it’s not going to kill it’s most lucrative partnership
  • “I held my breath, utterly terrified, waiting to hear their executions” – harrowing account of violence in eastern DRC from a MSF doctor
  • Point/Counterpoint: “My Year Volunteering Helped Educate a New Generation of Underprivileged Kids”/”Can We Please, Just Once, Have a Real Teacher?” – yes, it’s from The Onion, and yes, there’s some evidence that Teach for America teachers provide similar levels of education (if you trust test scores), but this is still searing and rings true
  • This innovation seems like a neat way to purify water, but it doesn’t seem like it can purify the water it doesn’t pick up. Since a drop of water can have all the cholera you need (i.e., very little), it would have to pick up all of the water. Interested to see how it pans out 

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