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  • Franchising latrines in Nairobi, by Sanergy. Seems like a neat idea and hopefully it works out. Latrines have the same types of problems as water pumps and chlorine dispensers, namely: if no one is accountable for their upkeep, they fail – either by overflowing (latrines) or underflowing (water/chlorine). Creating a business model to incentivize their upkeep is one way to hold someone accountable
  • Jenny Gold at at Kaiser Health News on everything you ever wanted to know about Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). Excellent roundup – if you want to read more on ACOs and how they fit into the new health care system, try here, here, and here (fair warning: all links to past posts by me)
  • An excellent critique on prizes as a means to generate innovation, though I think the author tosses out the baby out with the bath water. Why not have an innovation prize for the best distribution ? If a given solution exists but is constrained by the Last Mile Problem, say, run a contest to see if someone can crack it, making the prize large enough to scale (this is what the D-Prize did, for example)
  • Why doesn’t medical care get better when residents rest more? Lisa Rosenbaum provides a convincing case that the recent resident hour restrictions are onerous and unhelpful. She maligns hand-offs as difficult and harmful for the patient (if, say, one resident forgets to tell the next something important about a patient) – fairly – but neglects the larger point: however often residents and nurses do hand-off, they still do hand-off.  There needs to be focus and innovation on how to do it better

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  1. Nicole
    August 29, 2013 at 4:37 am

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for featuring Sanergy in your post. We appreciate the support.
    Nicole (on behalf of Sanergy)

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