Friday Links

  • An age-old tale, but not less sad for it: a modernizer is killed in India, almost certainly for his heretical stances on “black magic” 
  • The Great Golden Rice Debate continues. It drives me all kinds of crazy. The idea that golden rice is tailor-made to be a “gateway GMO” – that the creators only made it “good” (in this case, filled with Vitamin A) to soften the public to GMOs – is laden with conspiracy-theory nonsense
  • A man goes to prison for robbing banks, learns the law, has a case accepted to the Supreme Court, leaves prison, goes to law school, and snags one of the most prestigious clerkships. Adam Liptak better lock this story up for its eventual movie rights
  • Saline is expensive.  Saline is saltwater
  • Two Minds on Syria. This may end up being a debate between principles (like the Responsibility to Protect doctrine) and practicalities (America’s bombing of Syria may not actually have a positive effect).

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