Monday Links

  • A harrowing, first-hand account of being kidnapped by Somali terrorists for ransom. 460 days later, they were freed. Horrifying 
  • Bernard Rustin and A. Philip Randolph are little-remembered by the masses, but they were two of the most important, most accomplished individuals involved with equality and civil rights for African Americans. This article provides a good, quick overview of their efforts
  • Israel’s treatment of two groups of Africans: Ethiopian Jews get flown in on jets, often paid for by American Jewish groups, while Israel bribes other Africans (who fled to the country to escape repressive regimes) to leave the country – with Ugandan authorities helping out (Update: check out the overview at Africa Is A Country – it’s quite good)
  • Bloomberg View Editors come out in favor of expanding the scope of practice for Nurse Practitioners

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