Wednesday Links

  • The LATimes is on the California Nurse Practitioner debate – nice article here (me  at Project Millennial on scope of practice regulations  here, here, and here)
  • Malcolm Gladwell on the meta-debate about what cheating is in sports, and why the line is drawn where it is. He ducks what his answer is but it’s enlightening anyway, and worth a read
  • I want to read Nina Munk’s new book about Jeffrey Sachs, the Millennium Villages Project, and capital S-Saving the World. Joe Nocera makes good points about it in his  op-ed (though it is average-audience-simplified)
  • Is monosodium glutamate a harmful, toxic substance for humans to ingest? Not according to any well-done research, according to a very well-written article on (of all places) Buzzfeed. Makes me want to write something for Buzzfeed other than lists about cats and Millennial nostalgia

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