Tuesday Links

  • If this is a “gaffe” (something which isn’t totally clear to begin with), it could turn out to be a pretty pivotal gaffe. Secretary of State John Kerry pulled the negotiating gambit of saying “well, if they do everything – which they won’t – I guess then we won’t get involved” and Russia may have helped make it happen. Strange times
  • Harvard Business School’s attempt to create a more women-friendly environment seems to have worked relatively well, though there’s obviously still a lot of work to do. As the article notes, that was a very, very heavy lift for administrators to accomplish. But if anything ever convinced me to not go to business school – or, specifically, to Harvard Business School – it’s this article
  • I really like this article from Sendhil Mullainathan: being busy/stressed/overworked isn’t about time, it’s about bandwidth (roughly: how much brainpower a task takes) – which, incidentally, also explains why working 80 hours per week as a consultant could be so boring at times (a conversation I had all the time with co-workers)
  • This is (ostensibly – I’m not yet convinced it’s real) a quote in an official press release from an American CEO: “There can be no allowable regrets in business or fumbles on the field (deck) of Endeavor – none . . . (no one even knows how to practice them).” There’s much more at that link

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