Friday Links

  • Asthmapolis – a great organization that uses mobile technology, automated hovering, and telemedicine to help asthma patients – is now Propeller Health, partially so that it can move into the COPD space. It’s a great company I’ve referenced a number of times (start here and here) as a disruptor that can help wellness programs succeed. Full disclosure: back in college I helped the founder conduct a feasibility study on the product (good news: I was right)
  • Good design is good medicine. Sometimes, it’s best to be as “normal” as possible – especially for kids with rare, poorly-understood diseases
  • The Communications Director for Rwanda’s President, Paul Kagame, knocks the Gettleman profile for being racist and unfairly negative. While there’s little question that her arguments have merit on a broad level, I’m not convinced they are warranted for that particular piece. It was critical of President Kagame, sure, but for what sounded like a number of fair reasons
  • How the iPhone 5S’s new biometric scanner for your fingerprint works

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