Tuesday Links

  • Altogether disgusting report  on American families that adopt domestic and international kids, then “re-home” them on online forums when they become too much of a hassle. The system is completely unregulated, and abusive parents-to-be can adopt a kid with virtually no questions asked. Excellent reporting, horrifying story
  • (Old article I’m way late to) There’s much to like in Anjali Sastry’s article about managerial innovation in developing countries, and she’s absolutely right that it’s a significant component of improving health care outcomes and delivery. I think the headline is wrong (I doubt she chose it) and that’s is only true if you use an incredibly broad definition of “managerial” that includes the government, infrastructure, supply chains, etc. But then again, as I’m typing this, a 30-ish woman waiting for surgery has been sitting in a cold room without clinical support for more than two hours, with only the coughing of a white person (me) and the tapping of computer keys (mine) as companions (oh, and me, but she doesn’t speak much English)
  • A profile of Kilian Kleinschmidt, the (self-proclaimed) Mayor of Zataari Refugee Camp in Jordan, where over 100,000 Syrians have fled to during the Syrian Civil War. Interesting look at refugee camp dynamics and the insanity of hundreds of disparate aid organizations which refuse to work together
  • Heard that October is a particularly bad month for stocks? You heard right

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