Monday Links

  • David Cutler on the drastic shift in medicine in the next decades. He highlights telemedicine and the use of nurse practitioners, topics I’ve written a lot about in the past (including here and here, for starters)
  • This is why ads always tell users of Viagra to go to the hospital if its effects don’t subside after a few hours
  • Dieting can make you dumber” – Sendhil Mullainathan on how diets can suck the willpower – and IQ – right out of a person
  • The reviews are coming in for Nina Munk’s The Idealist (about economist Jeffrey Sachs and the Millennium Villages Project). The ones I’ve read – including this – have served as a sort of collective indictment of the project and his recent work. Excited to read the book
  • Speaking of the Millennium Villages Project, a wonderful paper by Michael Clemens and Gabriel Demombynes discusses the effect of the blogosphere and open data on their long-running analysis of the project

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