Sunday Links

  • “There is a weird kind of discombobulating pleasure in having to switch sides. The world gets a tiny bit bigger every time you have to switch sides” – Jad Abumrad, during an interview in which he and Robert Krulwich share their favorite Radiolab episodes and discuss their craft. A must-read for everyone, but especially Radiolab fans
  • “Conservatives keep hoping that they can drive the system to collapse. That won’t happen. Enough people, states, and health-care interests are committed to making it work, just as the Massachusetts version has for the past seven years. And people now have a straightforward way to resist the forces of obstruction: sign up for coverage, if they don’t have it, and help others do so as well” – lucid take on the Affordable Care Act and the dangerous futility of Republican obstructionism, by Atul Gawande
  • “The key problem isn’t that the poor are incompetent but rather that they are chronically exposed to scarcity. Our social policy must address that inequality of scarcity” – a very interesting take on Sendhil Mullainathan’s and Eldar Shafir’s new book, Scarcity, from Bill Gardner at the Incidental Economist
  • How to create a $10,000 (total) bachelor’s degree

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