Saturday Links

  • Wow. Some of Mukuru’s women are petitioning the government of Kenya for ownership of the land, and they already have 8,000 signatures. Mukuru is one of the slums/informal settlements I visited to report on No Means No Worldwide
  • Does toxoplasm gondii really cause “cat-lady” syndrome, or is that just a myth? Carl Zimmer on the debate
  • The Affordable Care Act’s site – the federal exchange where users are supposed to be able to purchase health insurance – is glitchy. Why? “The site basically DDOS’d itself” according to this article – like an auto-immune disease, it attacked itself due to poor programming
  • A fecal transplant in a pill is a big deal, and if this research holds up, it’ll be extremely useful for patients with C.Diff (more on fecal transplants here and here)

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