Tuesday Links

  • Elisabeth Rosenthal’s articles on the American health care system for the New York Times has been enlightening even to those who follow the system closely. Her latest, on asthma drugs and re-patenting, is well worth your time
  • A remarkably fawning profile of Milton Obote in this weekend’s Daily Monitor. Obote, who was Uganda’s first Prime Minister (and de facto head of state) after Independence, suspended the constitution and made himself President; outlawed the formerly-multiparty system, attacked and detained anyone who disagreed with him, and “disappeared” a lot of people – all in his first term. When Idi Amin and the army overthrew his government, Ugandans were ecstatic. After Tanzanian forces (and some Ugandans) overthrew Amin, Obote eventually found himself in power again, and responded by ordering the massacre of hundreds of thousands of Ugandans. Interesting to read, but I think it’s all in the service of making President Yoweri Museveni’s NRM party look  bad
  • Monica Masias has the dubious honor of being the daughter of one dictator (Equitorial Guinea’s first president, Francisco Macías Nguema) and the surrogate daughter of another – Kim Il-sung, North Korea’s original leader. This very interesting profile explains how that came to be

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