Thursday Links

  • A hookworm vaccine would be a big deal for hundreds of millions of people around the world – one of my favorite Radiolab episodes, Parasites, discusses why
  • On one level, the atrocious rollout of the federal health insurance exchange,, is obvious and to be expected – it’s a rollout of a hugely complex website that was hampered by serious political roadblocks. On another, though, it’s pretty disappointing to see just how badly its gone, and how many people working on it knew it would end up this way
  • I like Soko’s idea of giving designers and independent creators (sub-Saharan African women seem to be the main target) direct access to consumers. But shipping things internationally is expensive, which is part of the allure of the traditional exporter: it can drive shipping costs down with scale. Soko may have a plan to do that, but this article didn’t touch on it
  • An on-the-ground look at Sudan and South Sudan’s border conflicts. Nice overview of the area, the players, and the goals of each

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