Friday Links

  • Will baristas go the way of bank tellers? Probably – at least in the sense that many of them will be obsolete but some will still remain important. Initially, though, the Briggo machine really seems to be competing for a relatively small slice of Starbucks’s space (and baristas) – the universities, airports, and hotels with lots of foot traffic and middling coffee. Interested to see if this is a classic case of disruptive innovation or just a unique way to address the demand for coffee in non-Starbucks environments
  • If you’re in a position of power and act as a mentor to younger people, don’t be a creep – excellent advice from Laura Helmuth after a science blogging scandal, and always. Though I strongly disagree with Helmuth’s assertion that young people shouldn’t seek out mentors; she seems to be using mentee to mean protege, where I take mentor to mean something much broader
  • In addition to consolidating memories and improving learning, sleep seems to flush out toxins from the brain, according to recently-released research (and yes, there is a Radiolab episode on sleep – give it a listen)
  • This is pretty great: Goldman Sachs introduces a 25% discount on the cost of lunch if employees eat before or after “rush hour,” so that its employees can get back to work as quickly as possible

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