Tuesday Links

  • What’s the difference between a cuckoo bird and a parasite? Not much. Carl Zimmer at his finest, explaining how cuckoos have evolved to mimic other birds. Fantastic article
  • Buzzfeed without the GIFs is a really smart way to make a really simple point: Buzzfeed articles are interesting and funny but rarely informative (though it’s value proposition has a lot more to do with being interesting and funny than being informative)
  • Dealing with traumatic injuries is complex, critical, and viciously expensively. It’s time-sensitive and requires skilled clinicians, expensive diagnostics, and an ecosystem of care to treat it. In other words, it’s a very important, very tricky problem for sub-Saharan Africa. This is a great, short op-ed that touches on it
  • I’m not big on the anti-capitalist bent of this article, but it’s an otherwise-fascinating fascinating exploration of a model used in Cleveland to allow blue-collar workers ownership in their companies – including a one-person, one-vote style of decision-making. Incidentally, the article also shows that a group of committed “keystone” organizations (often hospitals, universities, and major companies) can do a lot of good for their communities by incenting import substitution in the city

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