Saturday Links

  • A very good post by Ross Douthat on the ideological and somewhat-evidence-based reasons to support the right-of-center alternative to Medicare (or Medicaid)-for-all. One of the tenets, though – of America being the global leader in medical technology innovation – strikes me as under-studied and over-represented: to my knowledge, we don’t actually know how we would innovate under a single-payer system; it’s possible that the “American character” leads to more innovation in and of itself
  • There are some important points in this interview about how byzantine federal procurement regulations keep upstart organizations from winning contracts. The rollout could have been much smoother with a different group of contractors
  • Where did management consulting come from? Interesting look at the regulatory, political, and distributional causes of the “need” for management consulting, a discipline started by James McKinsey. Also of note: “budgeting” as we see it today is an incredibly recent invention – a bit more than 100 years old – which is important to remember
  • Aid may not work a lot of the time, but it does seem to work some of the time – so why not shift focus to the latter? Charles Kenny with a useful post

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